Do you want to become better at Golf?

I know if you are a golfer, whether casual or very serious, you want to get better at golf. It is why we play, am I right? Sure its fun to be out on the course with some friends, having a beer, and hitting some balls. How much more fun is it if you are having a great round? Maybe the best round of your life? I can tell you (as if you needed to be told) that it is MUCH more fun if you are playing well. So how do you get better at golf? Aside from spending thousands on private lessons, and years of experience, there is one thing you can do to get better at golf right now. Get better at putting. There is more room for improvement in the putting game than any other part of golf simply because you putt more than any other type of shot. Putting, on average, accounts for 45-55% of your total score.
When it comes to improving your putting, and trying to get better at golf in general, it is very important to have a strong mental approach. This simply means approaching each putt with a calm confidence. If you are not confident in your stroke, you will not be successful. It really is that simple. Developing a strong mental game will help you get better at golf in all aspects, but as I said before, putting is where you can really knock some strokes off your game.

If you are wondering how to develop your state of mind, I’ll give you some things that can get you started. First, you want to develop a pre-putt routine. This might include practice strokes, reading the green, and specific breathing. It is important to find a routine that works for you, and repeat it before each putt. This will help you find the same confidence before each putt.

Something else that is very important in your mental game, and to get better at golf, is the art of picturing the putt. As part of your pre-putt routine, the final thing you should do before you putt, is picture the putt. In as much detail as you can, you want to visualize the perfect putt coming off the putter, and rolling neatly into the hole. This is very important, and this alone can save a lot of strokes. This is a very good technique to employ before every stroke, and is not specific to putting.

So if you want to get better at golf give these techniques a try. Don’t forget that putting can be key to achieving the lower score you have been striving for.

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