close-up of three golf balls on the grass

How Long do Golf Ball Last


The gold balls produced nowadays are very resilient and impressive. They are designed to resist errant shots, unpredictable terrains, and high swing speeds. If you will properly take care of your golf ball and will not place it in areas with harsh conditions, it can last for more than five years.

There are lots of manufacturers of golf balls around the world. With that in mind, no one can deny that various golf ball equipment is made differently. In connection to that, lots of different factors can affect and change the durability of the product.

In this post, we will answer the question, “how long do golf balls last?” Read on to know more about it.

The Golf Ball’s Cover

There are two cover materials used for making a gold ball. The first one is the softer urethane, and the last one is the firmer ionomer. Urethane is the cover material used for making quality golf balls, including Srixon Z-Star and Titleist Pro V1. On the other hand, the ionomer is a hardcover material utilized for developing golf-balls intended to make a distance, including Callaway and Bridgestone e6.

Golf balls that are considered to be “game improvement” are made from ionomer, considering that it can resist rough terrains and errant strikes. But despite the cover materials used, a golf ball that does not have cuts or scuffs can last for about 7 rounds.

The Golf Ball’s Core

Durable polymers are the main material used for creating the cores of the modern golf balls. Compared to the old wound golf balls, this one are hard to damage and extremely durable. One of the important factors that need to keep in mind when buying a golf ball is its core materials. This is because the golf ball cores are used to maintain its performance and shape.

Long-Term Storage

A common misconception about the proper storage of a golf ball is placing it inside the refrigerator or freezer. Some believe that doing so can preserve the freshness and compression of the ball, which is not true. The cold temperature in the freezer can lead to the loss of golf ball distance. If you want to keep it for many years, you can store it inside a box or bag with average room temperature.

When to Change your Golf Ball

When a golf ball is maintained and stored properly, it can be used for 7 whole rounds without losing its accuracy and full performance. But if you notice that the surface of your ball starts to feel rough, make sure to change it immediately. A rough-textured golf ball should not be used in the game if you don’t want to lose. But most of the expert golfers would replace their golf balls more frequently, and it is completely okay. Just keep it in a good storage area, and you don’t have to worry about wearing it and losing its performance.