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How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Golf


Playing golf is more than just an enjoyable game. You can get lots of benefits when you decided to enter the golf course, including opportunities for social outings. Aside from that, golfing is also a good way to shed your fats and calories,

Playing golf, taking a cart, hitting the range, and simply walking through the course are some of the golfing ways that you can do to shed away your calories. If you want to try something new to lose weight, golfing is the perfect field.

Golf is one of the exercises you might consider if you want to shed calories and enjoy it. Individuals who don’t play this field game think it is all about killing one’s leisure time and does not involve much physical exertion. But the truth is that golfing is the best way to burn one’s calories.

The number of calories being burned while playing golf in a single round will vary on different factors that should be controlled by the golfer himself. One of the factors that affect the number of calories a golfer may burn in a single round is whether to ride in a cart or walk in the course field.

If the player prefers walking through the course while playing, there is a high possibility for them to lose a substantial number of calories. According to golf, experts player can lose more or less 2,000 calories when they walk through the golf field with their golf bag. The golf bag weighs around 20 pounds to 30 pounds. This is just like you walk in a 4 to 5 miles of hiking with your backpack. You might think that this is easy work, but it does not. It requires a lot of work!

Varying upon the weight of a golfer, their one hour golfing can help them burn around 300 to 600 calories. Varying on the golfer’s weight, the golf course topography, and the bag weight, a nine-holes round can help them to burn calories ranging from 600 to 1500.

For the entire round, a golfer riding a golf cart will burn 2/3 of the total calories burned by golfers who walk throughout the course. Considering that they don’t exert too much physical exercise in their every shot, the number of calories that they may burn is quite low. On the other hand, they can still burn a substantial number of calories as they are required to walk through the green area for hitting putts, bunker shots, and chip shots.

It is true that golfing can help a golfer to burn calories. But they can regain what they lose, varying on the things they eat and drink during and after the whole round. Golf experts recommend drinking water rather than energy drinks.