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How Much Does a Golf Caddy Make


If you want to be part of the golf course or you just want to see yourself through the golf field, then you might want to be a golf caddy. This is incredible work for those who are fond of golf. You can enjoy this job, especially if a professional player hires you to be his caddy.

You might be here because you are looking into getting in this kind of job in the future. If so, you might be wondering how much does a golf caddy make. You are in the right place. In this post, you will know the salary of a golf caddy. So, keep on reading and enjoy if you want to know more about it!

 How Much Do LPGA Caddies Make

GolfWeek concluded that caddies in LPGA earn 1,200 US Dollars every week. But, this base salary is being spent on paying expenses, including their stay and travel. So, if you are caddying a not successful golfer, this might be negative for you.

On the other hand, one of the benefits of caddying golf professionals is that you can get 7 to 8 percent of their total winnings weekly. That is if a golfer ace the championship title with a prize amount of 300,000 US Dollars, 7 to 8 percent of it will be given to the caddy, which is ranging from 21,000 US Dollars to 24,000 US Dollars.

How Much Does Country Club Caddy Earn

Junior golfers might consider caddying professional golfers who play in a local golf field. At present, there are but a few public golf courses that feature a caddy program. The good thing is that country clubs offer caddy services.

Country club caddying is not only meant for junior golfers. Golfers of any age can get hired for this job or career as long as they pass the requirements for being a caddy. Averagely, a country club caddy can earn about 30 US Dollars. The fixed payment for a caddy is lesser than the tips they get. This means that country club caddies can earn according to the tips they get. So, there is no exact amount of payment for caddies in the country club.

If a caddy works in a wealthy country club, they can earn more than the average payment. You can be a caddy of a professional and gallant player and earn money ranging from 50 US Dollars to 75 US Dollars or more. If you want to walk through the golf course and make caddying as your job, you should look for the golf clubs in your area and check if they offer a caddy program.


There are other high-paying jobs that you might get involved in. But if you are fond of golfing and want to be part of the team, you might consider caddying as your job in the future.