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How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long


Many starters in playing golf usually ask themselves whether or not their golf clubs are too long. It cannot be denied that newbies have a hard time getting the correct size of their golf clubs. In terms of picking the right club, it is important that you will get the right size.

The correct size and length of a golf club can greatly affect your performance in the course. So, if you have the wrong club size, you might have difficulty in making swings comfortably and accurately. So, if you want to improve your golf playing performance, you need to pick a golf club that has the right size and length.

The Length of a Golf Club

If you are just starting your golf journey, you might not have the idea of how much the length and size of your chosen golf club can affect your overall performance. As per the expert golfers, the golf club’s length is the essential factor that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a new hybrid, extra driver, or club set.

To know the length of a golf club, you need to measure it from the ground to its grip edge. To get the length of a golf club that fits your height, you need to place the club in a position you usually use in playing. The swing distance is being affected by the club’s length. That being said, if you are aiming for a longer swing distances, then there’s nothing better but for you should opt for a longer club.

What are the Telltale Signs that Your Golf Clubs are Too Long for You?

In this section, the question “how to tell if your golf clubs are too long” will be answered. The following are the five signs that the length of your club does not suit your height.

  • You notice that the toe of your club hits the golf ball frequently.
  • You feel that the shaft of the club is too weak to create a hit.
  • When you hit the ball, it usually flies too high and to the left direction.
  • You cannot perform the right swinging mechanics.
  • Every time you will take a shot, you need to stand up straight or even create a tip-toe to get the right height.


There are lots of reasons why you need to pick the right length and size of your golf club. If you don’t know how to pick the right length of a golf club for you, you might consider asking an expert golfer for help. They are more knowledgeable and have long experience when it comes to purchasing a set of golf clubs.

You can refer to the signs mentioned above to determine whether your golf club is too long or in the right length and size. Get the right club size and ace the game.