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Who Has Won The Most Majors in Golf?


When it comes to golf tournaments, majors refer to the prestigious golf championships that are composed of four games. These four games are known as The PGA Championship, The Championship Open, The US Open, and The Masters. Compared to the other golf tournaments, Majors professional golf competition stands out because of its increasing prize money, prestige, and historical significance.

There are two professional golfers who won the most majors. Do you have an idea who they are? If none, you are in the right place. This article will feed your curiosity and answer the question, “who has won the most majors in golf?” Read on to know further.

The two individuals who had won the majors tournament are Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. To begin, let us discuss who Jack Nicklaus is.

Jack Nicklaus

People who are fond of golfing know who Jack Nicklaus is. He is considered to be the greatest golfer in history. Throughout his career, he was declared as the winner of most major tournaments. Humbly speaking, he only holds 73 wins in the PGA Tour and 18 wins of majors championship. He is also the person who holds the 6 titles of The Masters’ competition, 4 titles of US Open, and 5 titles of PGA Championship.

Last Majors Win

Nicklaus took his retirement the same as how he started it. He ended his golfing career at 46 years old. 46 is the oldest age of a person who aced the title of The Masters. Before he took his retirement, he had played more than 150 Major tournaments from 1957 to 1988. He had a very successful golfing career when he played for the Senior PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, a 43-year old professional golfer, has declared as the winner of 15 major tournaments. He also aced 81 trophies in the PGA Tour. Aside from Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods is known to be one of the greatest and successful players in the golfing field. Tiger Woods had experienced near career-ending injuries and scandals just to reach the top. Since he is only 43 years old, many think he could get Major titles more than what Jack had achieved.

The Tiger Slam

Up to this moment, Woods still have the best records in the golfing career. He is the only one who could nearly achieve the title in the golf’s grand slam. When we say grand slam, it refers to the point where a professional golfer holds the winning title of the four majors in one year. Tiger Woods was the winner of the PGA Championship, Championship Open, and US Open in 2000. And in 2001, he won the Masters tournament. Winning three out of the four majors in the same year made Tiger Woods considered the Tiger Slam winner by many.