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Why Expensive Golf Equipment is Better


If you’re new to golf, you may have noticed that it can be an expensive hobby. Golf gear is something of an investment, and this often puts off novice golfers from sticking with the sport. If this is the case for you, you might feel intimidated by the cost of some golf products.

Comparing and Choosing Clubs and Balls – Low, Medium, and High End

This is especially true of golf clubs. If you’re just getting into golf, you might look for a cheaper model of club until you feel more comfortable with the sport. Fazer and John Letter are two brands which are more affordable. As such, they tend to be two staple choices for novice golfers.

As for equipment such as golf rangefinders it gets a bit easier as the price range and the product availability on the market is quite broad. If golf rangefinders is of an interest for your, I highly recommend you to read the guide on best budget golf rangefinders from GolfVisory.

Getting back to the golf clubs and other equipment…

Ben Hogan is a mid-range golf brand, which produces reliable clubs at relatively affordable prices. Wilson, also known for its tennis racquets, manufactures decent golf clubs, which may feel more accessible to the novice golfer. Something important to look at when comparing golf clubs is their different features. Having a quality blade is vital if you want your club to perform well.

You should also consider the material that your club has been made from. Some clubs are made from steel, titanium, or carbon fiber. A higher-end club is going to be made from a better-quality material, and this means it should last longer. Japanese brands, like Mizuno and Honma, are often recognized as manufacturing the best clubs, and this is reflected in the price. These brands usually make clubs that are forged instead of molded- this is another important feature to consider when evaluating golf clubs.

If you’re looking at golf balls, then you should also look at the material that they’re made from. This is key in determining how well they respond to different environments and weather conditions, as well as how durable they are.

Why is Expensive Golf Equipment Better?

It might be tempting to buy budget golf gear if you’re just getting started in the sport. You may feel like you want to try the game properly before you invest in expensive clubs and golf balls. It can be intimidating to sink a considerable amount of money into clubs or balls, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to play very often.

However, trying to save money on golf gear might not give you the best impression of the sport. If you use cheap equipment, it might not perform very well, and this can be frustrating. You might feel like you’re not a skilled golfer when in actual fact, your gear is letting you down.

By choosing instead to buy the best gear that you can, you’re going to set yourself up for success in golf in the long run. Rather than purchasing budget golf equipment, you can try to borrow some higher-end clubs and balls from a friend if you’re unsure whether golf is the right sport for you. This is a much better way for you to sample golf without wasting your money on clubs or balls that are going to break or fail long before they should.

Once you’re sure that golf is the game for you, take the time to try out different high-end clubs and balls. You’re not going to regret investing in a beautiful club, because a well-made club can probably last longer than you, as long as you take care of it! If you set yourself up for success early on in your golfing career, you’re more likely to enjoy the sport and stick with it. Budget gear is often a waste of money and time, so stick with equipment that is going to help you to enjoy golfing as much as possible.