a man gripping a golf club by the handle

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game


One of the important accessories that you should have when you want to play golf is the golf grip. Many golfers considered it as the game’s lifeline. When a player has a good golf grip, he can create shots according to his preference. It is considered an essential factor in creating a good shot as it directly impacts the swing speed. Schools that teach golfing insist to their students the benefits of a customized golf club. But most of these institutions forget to input into their students about the importance of golf grips.

Reasons an Oversize Golf Grips are Necessary to Improve One’s Game

Golfers who have problems with their hand size, palms, or wrist are advised to use oversized golf grips. Most of the time, factors like these can give the player a hard time looking for the right grip that fits perfectly to their size. Likewise, the use of an oversized golf grip is usually because of the club size and club type. Aside from improving your game, oversize golf grips also provide you a lot of benefits.
The following are some of the reasons why oversized golf grips can improve the performance and accuracy of a golfer. Read on to know further.

Eliminates the Need for Excess Pressure

Do you know the difference between a regular-sized grip from an oversized one? The good thing with a regular-sized grip is that it perfectly fits the golfers’ finger line. Furthermore, to ensure that the golfer has the right grip, he needs to put some pressure. On the other hand, the oversized grip is wider compared to the regular one. Thus, it does fit on not only your finger line but also your palm line. So, you can control your thrust and shot.

Suitable for Big Hands

This is a very straightforward thing you need to know about an oversized grip. From the word itself, this one is fit for those who have big hands. So, if your hands have an above-average size, it would be great to opt for oversized grips. This will help you improve your game and make you feel more comfortable while playing.

Pain Relief or Medical Relief

Are you suffering from joint pain or arthritis, which hinders you from making accurate shots? If so, an oversized grip is a solution for you. There are two ways that this golfing essential might help you. First, it helps you to absorb more vibration when the club hits the ball. So, it would be easier for your joints and hands to create shots. Second, it gives you a good club grip enabling you not to feel pain while playing. When you feel more comfortable holding a golf club, there’s a higher chance for you to improve and enjoy your golfing experience.